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Mc Donell earned a lead role in the romantic comedy about high school seniors preparing for their prom, which filmed last summer.

Jesse Richter (Michael Mc Donell) and Nova Prescott (Aimee Teegarden) in Disney’s is a Disney take on the ancient high school ritual, interweaving the lives of several teenagers as they get ready for the big night.

It was the first time I was going to be the lead in a movie like that.

It was a learning experience,” he said when interviewed by phone last month.

When the elaborate decorations are lost in an accidental fire, the rebellious and motorcycle riding Jesse Richter (Thomas Mc Donell) is brought in to help her get the school ready for the night of all nights.

But before Nova can choose a dress, a relationship starts to develop between the two initial rivals.But the party just isn’t as much fun as it could have been and stays on a touch too long for those above a certain age.I got a part in Joel Schumacher’s “Twelve,” and got an agency to send me on auditions,” he said.Bigger then Linkedin, this is probably the most popular modern hang out.Easy sign in with facebook (no worries they don’t post anything on your behalf) so new friends are just a click away!I have put together a list of good Speed Dating questions for you.

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