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And very expertly executed, like a hall of mirrors constructed by NASA.Add to that performances that are uncanny in their intensity, and the result will live with you for a long, long time.

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People break up for interpersonal reasons more than any other. Ideas are cheap and it’s easy to get very attached to it.

A cofounder you should be complementary in skill set and completely aligned in vision and motivation: why you want to start the company, what your risk aversion is, how you envision managing the company, where you want to take the company. I understand why people do, but the people you work with are ultimately going to make or break the idea.

Every adjective you see on the poster to the left is, in fact, an . One of my favorite bloggers in the Internet identity/security/privacy/personal data space, T.

Rob Wyatt, just posted an expose of what the Samsung privacy policy really means when it comes to using Samsung devices and their integrated Ad Hub advertising network.

And, when viewed from the perspective of all aspects of filmcraft, it did.

But when I finally saw Whiplash the weekend before the Academy Awards, I found myself feeling like I’d just been shot out of a cannon. See it, and then ask yourself when is the last time you saw a movie that got your blood racing that fast. We will be seeing a LOT more from director Damien Chazelle.

It can be a fun, creative outlet and if you work with people on side projects you get to learn what you like and don’t like about each other. I can’t work with people who aren’t fast responders. People put way too much weight in a couple percentage points.

Working with someone at a company, in a traditional job is different than working in an entrepreneurial capacity together, the way you would on a side project. It really depends on how important the other stuff is to you. Is that more important than one or two other things? It’s really like dating – how many boxes do you need to tick? They should really think of the overall pie and what the other person is going to be able to contribute and help them do. 45/65, that shouldn’t make a big difference to you and if it does, you should ask yourself what’s not there that’s making this seem like so much.

I completely agree; that’s was the same conclusion I came to after my summer vacation in 2013.

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