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This will send a message that you are in control and will be a calm, confident person to be around.

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Research shows that the seeds for love are often planted during a first impression, which I’m assuming has a lot to do with that love at first sight feeling.

You have probably experienced the power of the first impression.

Yes, eye contact shows that you are interested in a woman, but it does something more.

It revs up the ‘love at first sight’ engine and creates a powerful attraction! People who are in love gaze into each other’s eyes. It creates an intense feeling of love and connection.

Create the feeling of love at first sight with a great first impression.

You will never get a second chance at your first impression! The first impression is so important that a woman will remember it for the rest of her time with you.Think of a woman’s red lipstick or a tight red dress.Of course, you shouldn’t wear red lipstick to make a good first impression and attract women…it just won’t work. Wear a red hat, a red tie, or even a red dress shirt.I got the desire to put this up on the blog today because as I sit here right now, in a coffee shop, I am getting a lot of first impressions. And I can tell you that he made an awesome first impression with her. But, an older woman beside me just got hit on by an older gentleman!When you first meet a woman, you tend to really pay attention to everything she says and does, and you take note of little details that help you form an opinion about her.

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