File updating translate

I tried this (upgrade base module) but changes to files did not update.Uninstalling and re-installing a module does seem to update some of translations, but not all of them.

file updating translate-66file updating translate-1file updating translate-11

I have tried restarting Open ERP and rebooting the whole server, but to no avail. Do I have to update the module/addon somehow so that Open ERP updates the translation?

The Open ERP version I'm using is 7.0 and platform Ubuntu Linux 12.10.

FILES=/opt/openerp/mk_MK/*# Database in which to import the files. LANG=mk_MK for f in $FILES do echo "Processing $f file..." # take action on each file.

$f store current file name ./openerp-server -d $DATABASE -l $LANG --i18n-import=$f --i18n-overwrite done I am new to odoo and facing the exact same issue.

for portugese = pt.po4) create i18n folder under your module and add po file in it.5) restart Odoo 6) Go to: Settings ‣ Translations ‣ Load a Translationselect translation language (in my eg.

Portugese)make sure you check this : Overwrite Existing Termsclick LOAD.Searching for specific translation entry is actually faster using database search, than hunting it from the addons subdirectories and files.Hi, for version6 (perhaps 7 too), to have the translation loaded for you modules with inheritance, you have to add in __openerp__line section : 'sequence': 150, in fact, translations are read by sequence and by alphabetic order (lower to greater).Ok, I found that all translations are stored to database in 'ir_translation' table.While it would be convenient to somehow force the translation table to update from changed files, I resolved just to edit the necessary missing translations directly in database.Defines whether single quote should be escaped by another single quote or backslash in exported translations.

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