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Being fed up with these uppity "female" piles of dogshit, I decided to explicitly write, in my biography section, that NO non-Caucasian female should like my profile or message me.

In 2007, the Masters Premium line came out and the BRX's name was changed to BRP. In 2000, MHX Masters Mahogany Classic, with 4 ply, 5mm African mahogany shells, and 4 ply, 5mm maple reinforcement rings was introduced.

So you have a large span to choose from in dating your kit--8 years : ) I'm lovin' my BRX in vintage sunburst... Check my sig I snagged a matching snare off Ebay a few months back, just keep checking every day. In 2003, MSX Masters Retro Spec, with 6 ply, 7.5mm maple shells in a retro-style Delmar covering was introduced.

I really want to find some girls that are in great shape like I am.

Why isn't there a site for only people in great shape?!?!?

I could post pics if those would help, or if anyone wants to see them.

I got them from a used music store so I don't know too much about them.

Masters Premium has been discontinued, but can still be special ordered. I hope this helps anyone who has the question "When were my Masters Series made? Now all we need is for someone to make this thread "sticky", and the info will be there for all to see at a moment's notice! I have some sort of bad quality pics, but could take more if these are too poor to help with investigation. I believe from previous research that they are 6 ply 7.5mm (BRX, according to nova, which started in 1999).

I think it is very unlikely that someone cut these shells down from a larger, original size.

It is my preferred set up except I have a 16" x 14" hanging FT and an 18" x 16" Floor Tom (The Neuroblaster)! Second, your Masters Studio BRX kit looks absolutely stellar in Vintage Sunburst!

Justin (Jutt8) was right when he said that the serial numbers on the Masters Series drums do not correspond to any manufacture date.

A couple of days ago I signed up for 3 online dating sites (one of which is supposed to be an elite dating site exclusive to single professionals).

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