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Decisions concerning whether and how to keep this information are an essential part of personal information management. Information not kept or not kept properly may be unavailable later when it is needed.

But keeping too much information can also be costly.

Your goal is to determine whether a blog in question is related to computer science, mathematics or statistics and is a research blog or not.

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If you click on the blog title, it will expand out the page in the table. ], [Terminology], [Impagliazzo Hard-Core Sets via "Finitary Ergodic-Theory"], [The December Issue of the Notices of the AMS], [The Impagliazzo Hard-Core-Set Theorem], [Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger], [The "Complexity Theory" Proof of a Theorem of Green-Tao-Ziegler], [Dense Subsets of Pseudorandom Sets], [Discovering the Cyber-Transformations], [The Next Viral Videos] in theory Saturday, February 16, 2008 in theory moves We ring in the year of the rat with a move to wordpress, and to its superior handling of latex.

If, for some reason, this is not enough, click on [View Page] to view the actual page in a new windows. ], [Overheard in San Francisco], [An Unusual Recruiting Pitch], [Finally! Dangerously Delicious...], [Pseudorandomness for Polynomials], [Don Knuth is 70], [Math is for boys, but not in Italy], [The Princeton Workshop on Women in Theory], [Italian Professors to Blockade Highways Next Year], [New York in Grainy Pictures], [Happy Belated Birthday! Please update your bookmarks, your RSS readers, and your blogrolls, to all old posts and comments are there, the move has broken the latex hacks, the videos, and the cross-links between posts.

The wrong information competes for attention and may obscure information more appropriate to the current task.

These are the logical costs of a signal detection task.

The book, Free Culture, explores technical and legal restrictions that publishers and other large media corporations use to control information and keep it from the public domain. Lessig, a law professor at Stanford University, argues that making information more widely available can make business sense.

His publisher, The Penguin Press, agreed to make the book available online to demonstrate the point.

From this perspective, one approach in tool support is to try to decrease the costs of a false positive (keeping useless information) and a miss (not keeping useful information).

But this reduction in the costs of keeping mistakes is likely to be bounded by fundamental limitations in the human ability to remember and to attend.

This paper will argue that both the structural architecture of the Internet and the substantive values codified within it clash with governmental efforts to "secure cyberspace."Web Pages Search Engine Based on DNS by Wang Liang, Guo Yi-Ping, and Fang Ming

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