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We can always have some indication of a starting date for a technique if we can find who first put the idea into practice.

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Please be aware that in order to gain the maximum information about any particular bottle (e.g., dating, typing) the user must usually must review a number of pages within this website.

Unfortunately, the complexities of precisely dating bottles is beyond the scope of any simple key.

Pontiled base fragments could also be from later produced "specialty" bottles which are described below.5.

Some bottle shapes are indicative of a particular manufacturing era, though many bottle styles/shapes were used for so many years - like the cylinder whiskey "fifth" or square snuff bottle - that the shape itself is not indicative of age.

An example of this is the finding of a few pontil scarred utilitarian bottles among otherwise late 19th or early 20th century refuse.

It is unlikely that this bottle was made during the same era, but instead was reused for a lengthy period or otherwise retained until broken or discarded.

By the middle of the 1800s large glass companies produced milk glass, generally referred to as opal glass at the time, in areas that included: Milk glass pieces dating from the mid 1800s through the beginning of the 1900s are highly sought after by collectors and are generally considered the most valuable, as are the pieces made during the second World War.

However, all milk glass made during the early to mid twentieth century are popular collectible antiques.

Throughout the following centuries archeologists and historians have dated milk glass: Naturally, milk glass pieces from these very early times are not those collected by the average glass collector.

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