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After all, the Internet itself has three uses: Porn, Information and Porn. I never had the guts to go into sex chatrooms though so I have never really been able to experience what those kind of chats are like. Biffo has all the guts I don’t have and more and has written one of the funniest books of the decade: Confessions of a Chatroom Freak. It’ll also make you laugh until your sides hurt and tears are running down your face. Loopy Lisa21f: I could mix it with some orange squash, I suppose. Loopy Lisa21f: You’re the one who told me to drink vinegar. Loopy Lisa21f: It might taste better if it has ice cubes in. People will wonder why you’re laughing so hard, they’ll need to get their own copy!Posing as Loopy Lisa21f, Biffo entered singles and sex chatrooms and talked to men about the most hilarious, hysterical things, least of all sex. I have never laughed so hard, ever, while reading a book. This is seriously great fun and an absolutely amazing book! Today adult conversations within an "adult-chat" is so common the term ("Cyber Sex") itself is rarely used. Perhaps society has made men less patient and more overt about their intentions but women have the same desires as men.

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By turns disturbing and hilarious, Confessions of a Chatroom Freak reveals what our friends and colleagues really get up to online.

And then ma Confessions of a Chatroom Freak charts one mans surreal and funny journey into the internets seedy underbelly.

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Adult chat isn't one of the most talked about topics in real life (IRL) but it is a popular activity online.

It's the dirty secret many adults keep hidden only in their browser history.

But if you participated in discussing sexual acts, and there is even a risk that other third parties were underage, this is arguably a violation.

It is highly unlikely to be pursued, as damages are tough to prove, but it is a violation. Hi, It is unlikely to be pursued unless overtures are made directly to that person, i.e. Otherwise it is probably not likely to be seen, and that is why I do not see it as potentially inherently serious as you may.

I can’t describe how incredibly laugh out loud funny this book is, I don’t even have the words.

To give you an idea, here’s a brief exchange between Loopy Lisa21f and one of her would be suitors: Swanvester1975: are you really Loopy?

After all I must confess that I am a late comer to the idea of chatrooms. Swanvester1975: jesus Loopy Lisa21f: That is the most revolting thing I have EVER tastd.

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