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“With [Google’s] Deep Mind now creating an AI capable of imagination, businesses will soon face the challenge of whether AI can own or infringe intellectual property rights,” says Mr Liard.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) does not cover affective data and companies are not aware or dealing with the threat. While legislators and regulators crank up, businesses such as Wealth Wizards are not putting competitive advantage on hold.

The online pension advice provider uses AI and plans to use chatbots, but complies with the Financial Conduct Authority, says chief technology officer Peet Denny.

If a chatbot gives a reasonable response online, there’s a natural assumption that we are communicating with a fellow human being.

“Without an explicit warning, as recipients we have no opportunity to evaluate them and can become overwhelmed,” says Dr Lenke, who is also senior director of corporate research at Nuance Communications.

Unlike traditional rules-based AI, which provides “intelligent” answers based on an ability to crunch mathematical formulae, learning algorithms based on neural networks can be opaque and impossible to reverse engineer, he explains.

Neural networks are self-organising in the quest to find patterns in unstructured data.Nathan Shedroff, an academic at the California College of Arts, warns the conversational user interface can be used to harvest such “affective data”, mining facial expressions or voice intonation for emotional insight.“There are research groups in the US that claim to be able to diagnose mental illness by analysing 45 seconds of video.The drawback, says Dr Lenke, is that it is impossible to say which neuron fired off another in a system composed of hundreds of thousands of connections learning from thousands of examples.“When an error occurs, it’s hard to trace it back to the designer, the owner or even the trainer of the system, who may have fed it erroneous examples,” he says.At what point does a factory worker lose capacity because of a co-bot?

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