Failure in invalidating cache

However, if there are more child nodes that need to be saved, or other slow hook implementations that need to be performed, prior to the end of the transaction, then these locks could last 10, 20, or more seconds.Now suppose you have concurrent users editing foo entities on this site.

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Here we’ll cover a couple of different methods to flush out the SSSD cache.

The cache can be cleared with the sss_cache utility which is used for performing cache cleanup by invalidating records in the SSSD cache.

The System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) provides access to identity and authentication providers.

Basically rather than relying on locally configured authentication, SSSD is used to lookup its local cache.

if ($fields['checksum'] === Cache Tags Checksum Interface:: CHECKSUM_WHILE_IN_TRANSACTION) There is a problem with that.

Even though no-one in core does that, in theory a cache could be invalidated just by setting the new value.

Also saw the comment above about the presave thing only after writing it but I guess there's still a bit of useful info there, so leaving it there. But that would only solve the entity-specific case. But it's possible for long-running DB queries/transactions to occur for things other than entities (and perhaps also cache tag invalidations to occur), and hence for the same deadlocks to occur.

So we figured we might as well only propose the more general approach.

Invalidated records must be reloaded fresh from the identity provider server where the information actually resides, such as Free IPA or Active Directory for example.

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