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This usually requires the provision of an importation license into the country of destruction which often is a time consuming and laborious process.For onsite destruction, processes of reconciliation of study IPs with the sponsor must be through for an approval to be delivered for IP destruction.In some cases, discrepancies must be investigated before this is possible.

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GMP Directive 2003/94/EC Replaces original GMP Directive 91/356/EEC GCP Directive 2005/28/EC Additional principles and detailed guidelines with regards to IMPs are specified to verify compliance of clinical trials with the Clinical Trials Directive 2001/20/EC.

Transposed into Member State Laws: UK: Statutory Instrument 2004/1031: The Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004 and its amendments.

We have also provided key recommendations for clinical sites to help support safe investigational drug labeling, packaging, and nomenclature.

All clinical trials materials and Investigational Medicinal Products (IPs) that have been used, partially used, or unused but are no longer required for the study including expired clinical trials Investigational medical products, must be reconciled and disposed of appropriately, in accordance with the current guidelines and legal requirements in each country.

The standards also require pharmacy to control the storage, dispensing, labeling, and distribution of all investigational drugs.

Despite the current CFR requirements, professional guidelines, TJC standards, and other published literature, there are very few recommendations specific to the sponsors’ responsibilities for safe investigational drug labeling, packaging, and nomenclature.

The IPs must be accounted for and kept in the Pharmacy department until these are reconciled by the Sponsor.

These will then be ready to be returned to the Sponsor.

But the place to begin is the department of pharmacy where note is going to be made of the purpose for destruction, the origin and composition of the IPs and the relevant procedures to be followed explained. How is the process handled in your country or setting?

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