Exchange adsi not updating

If you need to modify attribute values, you will have to bind to the object.

This blog post describes the process to create a new user in Active Directory on-premises when email is held in Office 365 and Dir Sync is in use.

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The provider retrieves records matching your query criteria in one operation, without the need to bind to many objects.

However, the resulting recordset is read-only, so ADO cannot be used to modify Active Directory objects directly.

For existing users running Outlook 2013, the new users do not appear in the Global Address List nor in the "All Users" address list.

On the Exchange server, the new users appear in the "All Users" address book when running "Preview" in Edit Address List wizard (EMC All Users) I can run "Update-Global Address List -Identity "Default Global Address List." Command runs successfully with no errors generated.

However, I'm very stuck, and even my co-workers aren't sure what's going on here.

I work for an MSP and one of my clients is running Exchange 2010 on Server 2008R2.Users are not hidden from Exchange address lists in their mailbox properties. Address books do not have spaces in ADSI Edit/Microsoft Exchange System Objects.Users have correct login UPN in AD, but I have tried both @contosoint and @contosoext UPNs. "" resolves to Exchange server IP. SRV records and forward lookup zones created for OWA and autodiscover.As long as you know the distinguished name to an AD object, you can reference it in Power Shell.When we ended last time, we were beginning to look at AD user objects.With Dir Sync in use the editable copy of the user object is on-premises and most attributes cannot be modified in the cloud.

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