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But if you have to use the tool remotely, you can connect to Share Point 2010 using the . For the moment you can only build queries for Share Point 2010, but once Share Point v Next is out, we will upgrade the tool.

Once you are logged in to Share Point, you are able to build queries from very simple to very complex.

The code looks as follows: Share Point will return a boolean indicating whether the list item has attachments or not.

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After entering a valid URL and having clicked the OK button, your are automatically redirected to the CAML tab.

Once on the CAML tab, the treeview is automatically populated with the lists of the Share Point site you wanted to connect to.

But with the click-once way of installing it, you will be asked to update your version of the tool as soon as we release a new version of it. With our new BIWUG board we are organizing our second Share Point Saturday on April 28th 2012. You can find these assemblies in the 14\ISAPI folder.

If you find bugs yourself or if you have ideas please do not hesitate to post a message to [email protected] This time Share Point Saturday is hosted at Xylos, located at Business Faculty Brussel, St. The Where clause can range from very simple to very complex with one or more nested elements.

Updated: The version downloadable from the site is a click-onnce application, meaning that each time you start the application, it checks online if no newer version exists. your server is not connected to the internet) and you want to download an off-line version, you can The tool is still in beta and I know there are still a few glitches.

We are working on it and will post new versions of the tool frequently.You can find more details about sessions, speakers and sponsors at our special Share Point Saturday site. But these rumors are not true: CAML is still there and is still very important for the performance of your Share Point application. NET Client Object Model, you have to add a reference to the assemblies Microsoft. To retrieve list items from a Share Point list, you have to define an instance of type Caml Query, defined within the Microsoft. The root element for this property is But this also returns a number of system columns.More and more information will become available on the site in the coming days and months. In this blog post I’m going to detail how CAML can be used with the . If you really want to limit the columns returned to the columns you specify, you have to use a LINQ query within the Load method.You can download the tool from the download section of the biwug site.You can find detailed documentation on the tool and on CAML here.When you open the CAML Designer and click the CAML Query tab, the logon dialog is immediately displayed.

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