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Passengers carrying such animals shall produce an attending physician’s statement, except when traveling to/from U. If you are traveling on a direct flight to/from the USA some additional or different regulations may apply: If you are traveling with a service dog, you must also ensure that you have all the required health certificates for the dog for your destination and any countries of transit.

Wheelchair service is available for departing, arriving, transfer and transit passengers at each airport.

If you need wheelchair service, please let us know when you make the reservation or at least 24 hours before you travel.

If your itinerary involves other carriers, you need to get confirmation with the other airlines for each segment.

Our aircrafts are also designed to accommodate your basic needs.

To ensure safe carriage of your wheelchair/mobility aids, it will be very helpful if you bring the manufacturer's instructions (or copies) with you to the airport.

We strongly recommend that your instructions be written in English and Chinese as well as the language of any other country on your itinerary.EVA Airways has specially trained individuals called Complaint Resolution Officials (CROs) at each of our airport locations in the United States and at Taoyuan International Airport to assist our passengers with disabilities with their requests. and on all EVA Airways codeshare flights operated by other carriers when the flight is within the U. For in-flight safety, however, passenger seats will be arranged without blocking the emergency exits.The US Department of Transportation's Final Rule on Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel applies on all EVA Airways operated flights to and from U. For aircraft types and seating configurations, please consult our fleet webpage on this website.For safety reasons, we must examine all batteries to determine the proper handling.Thus, please provide us the following information: -- In addition to the removed battery(ies) from the wheelchair/mobility aids, a maximum of one spare battery not exceeding 300 Wh or two spares each not exceeding 160Wh may be carried in the passenger cabin.When travelling to/from Amsterdam International Airport or in a group of 10 or more passengers who use wheelchairs, please provide at least 48 hours of advance notice so that we can better assist you and provide the necessary stowage space.

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