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Xiao Tan who is from the modern world tries all methods so she can go back but so far nothing helps. ~~ Adapted from the novel Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce written by Fan Que.

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Mo Lian Cheng is the 8th prince of Dongyue who is forced to marry Qu Tan Er who was already in love with Mo Yi Huai (Mo Lian Cheng's elder brother).

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But while love is a real feeling and emotion, can you truly love someone forever? How else can you explain having such strong feelings for someone that the makeup of your brain is actually altered? When shown pictures of a person you love, your frontal lobe—the part responsible for all your decision-making skills—actually shuts down.

Or does our biological makeup and instinct to survive and procreate get in the way sometimes? You actually do throw all reason and logic out the window in the name of love!

This story of love is the account of our of salvation..salvation.

The Bible is not just a bunch of stories, it is the account of God's eternal love!The trouble is, there are plenty of frivolous dating sites out there and choosing the wrong one will cost you time and energy, and won’t get you any closer to the altar either!In the search for marriage-minded singles, some websites simply work better than others. As a serious dating site, we pride ourselves on our tried and tested method of matchmaking – we make over 2000 new couples a month across our Elite platforms, so it’s a formula we know works. After you complete our easy registration process, you’ll then take our unique personality test.[Read: Love chemistry and sparks in love] So what about eternal love?So we’ve established that love is a real feeling and actually does exist. Can the remnants of that love still linger long after both people have left this earth?That’s why there have been so many successful books and movies about it. These types of feelings can’t be made up and can’t be denied. A study was conducted on couples that were together after 20 years and on those that were newly in love.

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