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Repeat until each student has answered at least one question.

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In the second circle students write “love”, in the third “like”, and outside the circles “don’t like”.

Under the topic, students individually choose a specific example to focus on (e.g., bananas, spring, tennis).

At the start of a new semester, teachers around the world turn their attention to the very first class.

With a new group of students to integrate and make comfortable, icebreakers are an activity that are essential to those first days. Ideally, teachers need icebreakers that are low in social risk, matched to your class’s proficiency level, and perhaps just a bit silly.

To begin, have your class form two concentric circles facing each other.

Ask an icebreaker question and tell them they have a minute to discuss it.

After one minute, the outer circle rotates counter-clockwise one position – and the activity is repeated with another student and another question.

Continue until students have returned to their original partners.

Other students then ask them follow-up questions to discover which statement was a lie.

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