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So we made the decision to end this, removed all the old files from the servers. If I have to do this again in a month's time, we know this is brutal sabotage. In these recent images the plug-ins are included or in the feed. * Can the amount of epg be limited to only the channels I am using Take a look here: It is not written by us, but could be helpfull for implementing this limitation. Yes, make your own channels file (and reference them in the sources file) in which you references only the channels you use.

This immediately restored my access to the servers. Use as a template our channels file and delete everything you do not want.

In VIX (and I think VTI as well) if problem arise, reinstall the XMLTVimport plug-in. Maybe you have to reinstall Crossepg from the feed.

If you have updated your image in the last 14 days, you already will have the latest version. (Not in Open PLi, because it is not in the feed at the moment) Other images: Consult your image builder.

Either I could not reach the site or the connections timed out.

Some investigation revealed that again massive downloads of XMLTV files caused this problem.

Note (June 19, 2019): As we mentioned in a previous email, we’re making major changes to how guide data is curated and delivered in Plex.

With Plex Media Server version 1.16.1 users in unsupported countries will have to switch to an XMLTV based EPG solution to maintain overall Live TV & DVR functionality.

So if the box does want to recognize your stick try another one.

If you want change the filename noforce into force.

You do exactly the same, with your tmpd checks and timebombs.

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