English dating site in sweden

Sweden, home of IKEA, Volvo and of course land of the beautiful blondes.

If you find yourself drawn to blonde girls with names like Annika and Lina, then we won’t blame you.

If you’re familiar with Match or already have a dating account here, then Match is an excellent choice.

Other than that, the site is clean, easy to use and has all the functionality you would expect from a modern dating site.

Dating app Tinder is also hugely popular in Sweden like everywhere else and likewise, it is mostly popular with the younger crowd, say 18-30.

It seems that dating in Sweden is done over email and chat rather than phone calls. Tinder, Match.com, Plenty of Fish and other big dating apps in Europe are big here.

Other than that, meeting people at bars, events, and parties is always a good method. Curiosa has boiled down a standard dating timeline into a 27 step process here.

If you try too hard, you will end up freaking out your date.

Some expats find that it’s a good idea to avoid calling it a “date” until you have met a few times.

Next up is a local dating site, Motesplatsen, which is also an excellent choice with lots of members.

The price can be a bit high though around for a month, depending on how long you sign up for.

After meeting someone, invite them for afika and see how things go, but wait until you’ve settled a little bit more before inviting someone on a “dinner and drinks” date.

Swedes are shy and calling it a “date” can sound a bit serious for some.

Sweden is very general neutral and most people really try and avoid some of the gender stereotypes from other European countries.

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