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the related changes are not reflecting in the file. EF Team Triage: This issue is lacking enough information for us to be able to effectively triage it. we get a lot traffic on this project and it takes time to attempt to reproduce an issue based on fragments of information.

edmx file not updating-45

NET Framework and out-of-band (OOB) libraries (primarily Entity Framework.dll) shipped in a Nu Get package.

This was necessary in order to allow EF to be made open source and for it to be able to evolve at a different pace from . The consequence of this is that applications will need to be rebuilt against the moved types. For example: namespaces because they are not used directly for most Db Context-based applications.

An instance of the Object Context class encapsulates the connection to the database, metadata that describes the model, and an Object State Manager object that tracks objects during create, update, and delete operations.

In previous versions of EF the code was split between core libraries (primarily System. EF6 takes the code from the core libraries and incorporates it into the OOB libraries.

For a guide on submitting good bug reports, read Painless Bug Tracking.

BTW this is a canned response and may have info or details that do not directly apply to this particular issue.Installing the EF6 Nu Get package should automatically remove any references to System. The namespaces for Db Context and Code First types have not changed. This means for many applications that use EF 4.1 or later you will not need to change anything. This means you may need to update your directives to build against EF6. Is this the definitive answer or is there a better way to do this? NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) uses the Update Model Wizard to update an file from changes made to the database.The Update Model Wizard overwrites the storage model as part of this process.Here is a checklist of the things you need to do to upgrade an existing application to EF6.

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