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Before you add the songs from to your Spotify or Apple Music playlists, check out a few of the great songs from Edgar Wright’s previous films.There’s something for your inner hipster, Goth, Anglophile, dance floor fiend, or Nick Frost-wearing-a-jester-hat fetishist in here.10.The rave (and “Let Me Show You”) brings the entire main cast together (sans creepy landlady Marsha) and cements the strong platonic friendship between Tim and Daisy after an episode full of bickering.

He’s a no-nonsense, London homicide detective, whose clearance record makes the rest of the department look so bad that he’s shipped off to idyllic, crime free village of Sandford (filmed in Edgar Wright’s hometown in Wells in South England).

Sandford is filled with secrets, and its beauty and perfection are literally built on the bones of those who don’t who fit in.

After running, hiding, and pretending to be them for most of the film, they finally get to kick some zombie ass and do so with glee.

Wright perfectly synchronizes Freddie Mercury’s soaring vocals to swipes of the pool cue, and the group gets more confident and efficient as the song’s tempo builds.

The song’s lyrics and title take on a more nefarious tone when it’s revealed that the town of Sandford’s Neighbourhood Watch Alliance, which started out as a group of kooks walking around and being paranoid, have been covering up murders for decades so that Sandford can keep winning the coveted “Village of the Year” award.

The dark irony of the lyrics and town itself are one part of what makes Edgar Wright’s strongest work of social satire, especially a decade later in a world of Trump, Brexit, and Theresa May, where people who aren’t straight, white, able-bodied, and Christian aren’t welcome in the United States and the United Kingdom.

It’s also a damn good shoot-’em-up, and Frost and Pegg have instant buddy-cop chemistry, even though their characters are diametrically opposed in personality.6.

“Scott Pilgrim” by Plumtree from was also the first feature film Edgar Wright made that didn’t star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

So, it’s fitting that he gets a great Queen song to kick the Winchester Pub’s undead landlord’s ass to, with Ed, his ex-girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield), her insufferable flatmates David and Dianne, and his angelic mother in tow.

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