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As usual, the first episode of a challenge starts of with host TJ Lavin deviding the cast into teams.

This challenges, obviously, people who’ve been dating/are dating/shared a kiss are put together.

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They’re rookies, but I’m definitely rooting for them and hope they will make it far! I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt though, and I think these two will actually work great together in the challenges.

Johnny & Camilla: I have to admit that I kind of love Johnny Bananas. Dunbar & Paula: As competitors, I don’t really care for both of them, but I do love seeing Paula in the challenges. Wonder how they’ll do since Paula kind of hates Dunbar. Leroy & Naomi: I laughed like crazy about these two during the RW, but I don’t consider Naomi to be an athletic person at all, so I think Leroy is kind of screwed…

Not looking forward to next week’s episode though considering the preview for next week… – Dustin: “Here goes Vinny, trying to be funny, but he’s actually a complete asshole. I think it’s kind of old-school challenge-style, back in the “Battle of the Sexes” days. 30/01/2012 at PM · Filed under Television & Stuff and tagged: battle of the exes, ct, diem brown, dunbar, dustin zito, emily schromm, episode 1, heather marter, jasmine, leroy, love is a battlefield, mandi moyer, mark long, mtv, naomi, paula meronek, robin hibbard, sarah rice, the challenge, ty, tyrie, vinny foti, wes bergmann As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a huge huge addiction to the MTV Challenges.

You’re basically throwing in the girl that you completely disrespected last night, ánd you’re gonna be mean about it? I’ve got not a shot in hell but I can’t wait to go to sleep ’cause when I go to sleep maybe I do. It’s a little tough to watch them since the MTV USA website doesn’t let people from Holland watch them on their site, but I got my ways 😉 .

So, well, though I adore pretty much all Wes’ enemies, I secretly love Wes, and was said to see him go.

The episode took another turn as well when Vinny was told to leave the show, and that -unfortunately- Sarah had to go because of that as well.

Come on, get over yourself, dude.” – Wes: “I just wanted to say you’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had. And since I love them, I decided to do a weekly share of my opinions, thoughts and stuff of every episode.

This one’s a little late but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway. MTV Challenge: Battle of the Exes, episode 1: Love is a Battlefield.

Both are strong and tough competitors, definitely think they will be part of the final three teams!

Dustin & Heather: I loved these two on The Real World: Back to Las Vegas and think they’ll be surprisingly good in the challenges since they’re both athletic.

Vinny managed to be a complete ass to Mandi and rip open her shirt (though I do have to admit that her “shirt” were mostly two stripes covering her boobs, but still) and not even thinking it was a bad thing to do. It was sort of a surprise to me that Leroy managed to win from Wes, I don’t know why haha, and Mandi winning from Naomi, well, that wasn’t too much of a surprise. Although I love the entire RW – Las Vegas cast I have such a soft spot for Wes for some reason.

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