Driver ipw2200 needs updating Hot chat recorded

* Moved probe / beacon handling into ieee module (shared with ipw2100) * Changed to use netdev_priv consistently (thanks to Stephen Hemminger) * Fix the initialization code (thanks to Stephen Hemminger): - memset is unnecessary since alloc_etherdev does it already SET_NETDEV_DEV so that /sys/class/net/eth0/device symlink is created - don't set name to "eth%d" already done by alloc_etherdev - don't mask register_netdev error codes * Misc.

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(thanks to Stephen Hemminger) * Fixed TCP session freezing problem (thanks to Yi Zhu) * Added support for non-broadcasting ESSIDs (thanks to Andreas Oberritter) Thanks, James You can pull the latest snapshot from Or you can resync your tree with bk://[email protected]/ipw-2.6 Anyway, here are the changes in 0.54... * Test fix for spurious IRQs during firmware intialization. i thought there were more WE-18 IOCTLs =:-) Anyway, IOCTLs don't cost money, what really matters is that when you choose the private IOCTL interface for WPA you should stick to it until WE-18 arrives.

* Fixed payload_size bug in fragmentation code (thanks to Yi Zhu) * Removed "IRQ ignored" message. nav=Dax Kelson Guru Labs One hassle with ioctl's is 32/64 bit compatibility. The translation has to be done before it gets down to the device, which makes it impossible for SIOCDEVPRIVATE ioctl's. We don't want people having troubles with the interface changing over time and having to keep track of which wpa_supplicant versions work with which ipw2100 driver version.

To that end we're working to try and get it ready for submittal along with the ipw2100 project. The ipw2100 and ipw2200 projects currently share the 802.11 frame handling stack for Tx/Rx and some management frame processing.

That code has been pulled into its own module suite (ieee80211), based on work from the Host AP project.

I installed this but still see errors when I try to connect. I've attached the log which shows a fatal error. The link to the ABAT script was broken earlier today, so I'm sending this incase you're looking to run the latest ABAT on you laptop.

Use this instead for read only access: "bk clone -Jeff -- And He saith unto them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." (Matthew ) Hi all, =20 The link to the latest ABAT script - a basic smoketest for the driver - can be found at

I have been able to associate my 2200BG running v0.4/v0.5 on another access point. You end may end up needing to write new conversion code in fs/compat_ioctl.c if you add new ioctl's.

This is the code that handles 32bit applications running on a 64bit kernel. James ------ It's been a while since I've updated lkml and netdev on the progress of the ipw projects.

We are in the process of cleaning up the driver for submittal to netdev for eventual inclusion into the kernel.

The driver currently supports wep, 802.1x, monitor mode, adhoc, infrastructure, etc.

Currently it will only associate at B data rates; hooking in the G capabilities is going on right now.

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