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Let me feel it out in the studio." I've been in and out of the studio for about four years now, but I really wasn't excited about anything I was doing.

Really the album is an upbeat record, like pop/electronic, but it's got the undertones of issues like depression and anxiety. I think I became super aware of my anxiety about two years ago.

It's okay to just be okay, and to know that it's okay that you might have depression or you might go through depressive periods. If you listen to the album, a lot of it is taking you through symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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Despite her growing profile, Tisdale still prioritized working regular jobs and attending public school until she got her breakout Disney character, first as Maddie Fitzpatrick, the environmentally conscious teenage service worker in Having something that felt like a normal life likely helped Tisdale adjust to the pressures of her meteoric rise to fame, which hit critical mass when she played queen bee Sharpay Evans in the wildly popular franchise, starting in 2005.

But even off screen, Tisdale was fiercely individual on the streets and red carpet, wearing boas, UGGs, and no shortage of tulle and beads.

This diverse industry cred all worked to establish Tisdale as one of the pre-eminent talents of her generation, coming from the same child star boot camp that bred contemporaries like Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens, Drake Bell, Justin Bieber, Hilary Duff, and countless others.

But of course, growing up in the limelight is not without its challenges, as we've seen time and again through the turbulent highs and lows navigated by all these stars. It's out in 2019, and on it, she shows audiences a side they haven't seen during her decades-long career — that of Ashley Tisdale, a woman navigating the ups and downs of her internal world.

You could tell from the squinty-eyed celebutante pout she perfected that she could care less about the public's judgement.

During both major-label efforts, Tisdale's winning personality never dimmed, even when leaning into the tumultuous experiences of her teenage fanbase with life, liberty, and the pursuit of individuality.

I did this self-help book, and through this journey, and this book, it was actually what got me back in the studio, to be honest.

I started it before I talked to John, and one of the chapters was about letting go of fear... I think that in my mind, for some reason, I just didn't want to come out with music because I was just scared of ever doing it again.

As you obviously grow up in this business, and then you become more in the spotlight, people are obviously criticizing you and you're changing things. That is awesome." I could not care and I just did my thing. When you see that stuff you just have to laugh and have fun with it because that's so fucking awesome. It's really about loving yourself and loving the decisions you made whether they're crazy.

I remember one of the first shots that someone had sent me from the red carpet back then of me. I have got to show Chris this, [my husband]." I was so embarrassed. When you have that self-love, you're not so critical on yourself.

Some of us have anxiety, and yes, it varies from person to person. I am a naturalist and I did have depression, but I never took anything for it, I just kind of got my way through it, but I think we have to stop putting these words on us.

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