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That is why real love, as opposed to Hollywood love, requires hard work and renunciation.If you want to go Italian, but your beloved wants Chinese, no matter how romantic the date, oneness will be achieved only if one of you loves enough to say (sincerely): "Whatever makes you happy is fine with me." In this light, the greatest impediment to a relationship is not really knowing what the other wants.We had arranged that he would wait for me at the top of the hill, some four blocks away.

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In the Torah, God commands that once we enter the Land of Israel, when we bake bread, we should separate off a small piece of the dough and put it aside.

This is one of the three mitzvot that are considered specifically given to women.

We consider it commendable that we take the time to perform the mitzvah at all.

The notion that we should take an extra couple minutes and pause before fulfilling a commandment to reflect on the One who has commanded us and to unite our will wholeheartedly with His may seem daunting, but this is the way the mitzvot are meant to be performed.

Far from being "saddled with the burden of the mitzvot," we are privileged to have 613 ways to connect with God.

There is no greater demonstration of His love for us than the mitzvot: 613 channels of total connection. If it has not taken her anywhere, rather than junk the car, she would do well to check the immobilizer, check the gas gauge, make sure she has the right key in the ignition. Laura complained to her millions of listeners: "I felt that I was putting out a tremendous amount toward that mission, that end, and not feeling return, not feeling connected, not feeling that inspired." The sense of connection with God that has eluded Dr. The pitfall of Jewish observance is that it's hard not to fall into a mechanical performance of mitzvot that are performed repeatedly, daily, sometimes many times a day."The mitzvah of hallah is cosmic in its effect," the teacher proclaimed. And, of course, I already knew how to do the mitzvah. I discovered that I had been doing the mitzvah wrong.Every week my jaw dropped lower as she expatiated on the mystic ramifications of this one mitzvah. The following week, our teacher announced, she would be demonstrating how to make hallah.Most of us perform mitzvot -- pray, recite blessings over food, etc.-- like a baseball player sliding into second base."But the spiritual journey in that direction -- as hardcore as I was at it -- just didn't fulfill something in me that I needed…

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