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If 80% of their relationship is good, that can be enough. I immediately thought of my relationship with my husband, and realized how much I had been nagging him about certain things. It was distorting my own view of our marriage, and neither of us was happy.

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Joseph Cossman For decades, married couples have been told ‘never go to bed angry.’ But, now, collected research might lead couples to receive the advice to...

The key to amazing, deep, passionate love is in harnessing your energy consciously for the benefit of your relationship. This is a love that goes beyond even the intensity of new love, and is imbued with...50 million Americans have turned to online dating in a quest to find a companion, and close to 40% of American couples who met in 2017 did so via dating apps and online dating sites. As fall approaches, parents everywhere are buying dorm must-haves for their college kids and giving them lectures about studying hard and getting good grades.

But her parents convinced her to get a real job so she went to college to become a registered nurse.

While she loved being a critical-care nurse, she eventually came back to her first love, writing.

With twenty books already in publication, she hopes to have many more.

Laura, A couple of days ago, you were telling a caller not to allow the negative side of her relationship with her husband overshadow the positive side. More than anything else I have heard you say, that particular comment struck a chord with me.

That being said, office romances require two incredibly mature people, and the odds of two incredibly mature people being in the same place at the same time is not great. Cons: As I said before, office romances only make it about 25 percent of the time, so statistically, you are taking a big risk. My husband and I both taught at a major university, and we fell into the small percentage that makes it happen.

However, I still wouldn’t recommend it because we were in the minority.

Yesterday, I made a sticker and put it on the back of my cell phone as a reminder.

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