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Hell, I want mine to be special and most girls don't believe me when I say I have never kissed anyone because of my attitude.

Seriously, once your life starts getting better, the relationships get better.


Hi I hope a lot of you dont think of me as too hmmmmm idk weak or inferior in some way or something but let me tell you my situation I am a 20 yo guy Ive never had a gf, been on a date, kissed a girl.....

basically nothing I feel just so lonely sometimes Im planning to wait until i am married (reading on lit or w/e is one thing, sex quite another) so basically, I am not looking for sex, im looking for someone to have a serious relationship with and what not My dad recently abandoned my family and weve been going through a lot of crap the past few years..... I basically know nothing about any of this stuff and im so confused and, to be honest, just dont understand anything about dating Hmmm...I think I'm gonna give this one a shot...first of all..one understands dating. The rules of dating, the how to's, the where how's, etc. You could read 10 Self Help books on dating and get 10 entirely different theories.

Obviously it's not something you introduce yourself with, "Hi, I'm so and so, I'm a virgin and I'm waiting till I get married." That might be too much info.

But before you let a realtionship go too far you have to make sure you have similar goals and world views.

Look at it this way, in the end, you marry someone (going with average person here) and you spend your life kissing them.

This isn't a competition of how many girls you can kiss.

If they enjoy you, hopefully they will show it too, then try asking them out.

As far as meeting women goes, it's entirely up to you. Go to places with them where women hang out and you can meet them there.

But I can tell you the best way to go about flirting is I guess similar to what My Own was saying.

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