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On redirect pages, don't allow Media Wiki to automatically update the link when someone moves a page and checks "Update any redirects that point to the original title" (which requires $wg Fix Double Redirects). If present on the central user page, will prevent it from being displayed on remote wikis, and it also determines whether a link to a user page on remote wiki should be red or blue.

" are tracked by the software, and the number that can be included on a page is limited.

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Other parser functions may be added by Media Wiki extensions such as the Extension: Parser Functions*When the given param is equal to the current title of the parser, the parser function will yield the previous versions on preview and on substitution, that includes empty strings when used on page creation but using the values from the current version for page view, including viewing old revisions.

In this case it is a non-expensive parser function.

Be aware that this is more a hack than a regular way to proceed, thus the output may be not reliable.

Formats an unlinked date based on user "date format" preference, and adds metadata tagging it as a formatted date.

As of 1.15 , these can all take a parameter, allowing specification of the page to be operated on, instead of just the current page: Parser functions are very similar to variables but take one or more parameters (technically, any magic word that takes a parameter is a parser function), and the name is sometimes prefixed with a hash to distinguish them from templates.

This page only describes parser functions that are integral to the Media Wiki software.

It can be disabled or enabled by $wg Allow Display Title; disabled by default before 1.10 , enabled by default thereafter.

It can take a second argument of noerror or noreplace to suppress error messages when multiple displaytitles are used on one page or to make this at the end of John Smith, the page would be sorted under "S" by default in categories.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

This page explains only the standard magic words; for a technical reference, see Manual: Magic words Variables and parser functions can use subst:, just like templates.

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