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He asked around and found more and more of these naturals, and sat down and picked their brains for every last piece of information he could dig up.He was surprised to find that many of these guys weren't rich or handsome.It's a great way to practice and the best part is that you will see INSTANT RESULTS. - Do you ever feel like you don't always know how to make women laugh enough? and the conversation got "slow", and you knew that if you could just make her laugh that everything would be OK? I know this because ALL men know, at an unconscious level, that if they can make a woman laugh that they're more likely to get a date or "get physical" with her. Well, the answer to this question is a little strange, so prepare yourself.

One of the easiest techniques of David De Angelo's entire repertoire of dating tips to master is the Cocky Comedy (or as some people call it Cocky and Funny) routine.

If you don't have ANY of David's programs, you at least need to try Cocky Comedy.

In his book, David explains his step-by-step process for meeting and attracting women.

Once you know it and master it, you can attract any woman you want, any time you want.

In fact, several of them were down right broke and ugly!

But they definitely had some kind of "power" that other guys didn't, and after hanging out with these guys for a while, David started to figure out exactly what it was.

It is a staple of the successful dating life that YOU want to have. More This is Workbook to David de Angelo Double Your Dating Cocky Comedy CD Audio Series Program.

It is a staple of the successful dating life that YOU want to have.

The technique has become so popular that many guys have even mistakenly assumed that it's ALL that I teach. Because once you try using it - even just a little - you can feel a powerful SHIFT in the way women respond to you. Pagan is better known by his pen name David De Angelo.

It's one of the most amazing "magic bullets" I've seen when it comes to attracting women. He was a student of Ross Jeffries and went by the name of "Sisonpyh" in the PUA community ().

David De Angelo, author of "Double Your Dating", is a leading advisor to men on the subjects of Dating and Attraction.

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