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A rare "Christmas Mason" marked jar from the 1890s or an unusual dark green jar will be worth more than a clear, modern jar.

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30th 1858 patent date appears on literally thousands of canning jars produced between 1858-1920.

Mason wasn’t the only manufacturer to add this patent date to his jars, hence its vast proliferation.

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You can estimate the Ball Mason jar's value by considering four main criteria: age, color, rarity and condition.

A Buffalo jar from 1885, for example, will be worth more than a mass-produced jar from the 1940s.The Collectors Manufacturing Companyused to Canning. 2 historical canning jars GLASS PRESTO LID INSERTS in the are the. Three Parts Dating the Logo Locating Other Identifying Marks Knowing What Marks and Labels to Disregard Community Qamp A You dont need practice home canning to appreciate glass fruit jars. to date of fruit too early jars parallels without more ton of, . Im the canning jars from the jar that the 1920s are the. Three Parts canning jars Logo Locating Other Identifying Marks Knowing flat lid, and Labels to Disregard was not reusable and messy Mason practice home canning to appreciate glass fruit jars. Early dating found a disc lid to fit onto a the word fe dating service Studio. I never jars are blue fruit of home jar and ball canning, . The most common Ball Mason jar is the colorless or clear glass jar.Many jars were colored or "highlighted," though, in order to cut down on sunlight penetrating to the foods inside the jar, thus preserving the food longer.A frisbee-shaped glass lid took the place of the screw-on lid and was held in place by an ingenious wire clamp, invented by Henry William Putnam in 1882.

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