Doggie dating show dating velox paper

The idea was simple: The dogs were paired up and their owners attempted to take the cutest "couple" photo before they moved on to their next match.

Diane started to contact me about Nelly and how she was so taken back by her adventurous spirit.

Well after a few video chats and gifts we finally decided to meet.

After we met that day we communicated everyday through chat and sharing pics.

We would video chat with Max of course all the time.

I have to say that if it wasn’t for posting on doggiedate I would have never found her.

Dear all, Our brand-new FCI judges directory is almost ready for publication on our homepage.

I have to say she was more beautiful in person than on video.

Nelly took right to her and I never thought that I would find someone who cared for Nelly so much as I do. We have decided to move in together and see where it goes from there.

The event was organized by "The Barking Lot," a "group of dog moms" who met through Instagram and are now "friends in real life," said Chang-Finnie.

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