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You can also invoke Clean My PC’s Shredder by right-clicking on any file and choosing “Secure Erase by Clean My PC” from the shortcut menu or by dragging it to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.Securely erasing files is an important part of keeping your data secure and maintaining your privacy.

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There’s a big difference between dragging files to the Recycle Bin or pressing delete, and erasing them securely.

With first method you merely make the space the files occupy available for use, and the files can be easily recovered.

The second writes over them multiple times so they can never be used again.

Clean My PC makes it very simple to erase files securely and has multiple other features to make your computer safer and cleaner.

Fortunately, there is a tool that allows you to securely erase files using a much more user-friendly interface - Clean My PC.

Not only does it allow you to erase files securely, but it has several other features that help you give your PC a clean up.

updating your i Phone should not affect your music, but if it does, you should have a copy of your music stored on your i Tunes authorized computer.

If you purchase your music on i Tunes, you should have a copy of all of the music you ever purchased in i Cloud incase you lose anything.

If you want to securely delete files with Clean My PC, you should do the following: 1.

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