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Here are all the different potential things she means when she calls you cute. This is usually how girls use the term “cute” the most.If you’re being cute, it’s likely you’ve just said something really sweet, and you’re being kind of mushy gushy toward her.

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[Read: Things to talk about with a girl: 43 conversation starters] #7 Don’t overthink it.

All in all, being called cute isn’t generally a bad thing.

But if she’s rather shy and not forthcoming, you’ll need to dig a little deeper. If she’s not doing this, she may mean it in a platonic way.

[Read: How to tell if a shy girl likes you: All their secrets revealed] #5 Body language! We have a tendency to have nervous quirks that are clear giveaways that we like you—which we show in the form of calling you cute. [Read: 10 clearly noticeable signs of body language attraction] #6 Think about what you did to warrant the word “cute.” What actions did you just do in order for her to call you that?

Remember to find that someone special will take time.

And if a dating service has only a small number of members, a significant portion of them may not be in your age range or could be the wrong gender.

Listen to the way she actually uses the word, and it can help you decipher what she means by it. A girl’s smile tells you an awful lot about what she means when she’s calling you cute. Thinking about this helps you determine what she means.

If she’s smiling because you just said something funny, she could just mean it in that way. If you’re just friends, then she could just mean it in a friendly way.

You spend hours trying to figure it out, but without asking her there’s almost no hope of knowing what she meant.

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