Dns server reverse lookup not updating

As soon as you create a web application using host header Share Point admin has to request the domain controller admin to add the URL in Forward Lookup zone.

You can’t access the site collections in that web application without this entry.

The Reverse DNS is one of the basic requirements for running some Internet protocols.

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However, there is also a reverse process, known as "Reverse DNS".

The Reverse DNS process is just one side of the behavior of the Domain Name System (DNS).

Reverse DNS PTR records can be set for both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses.

When a Reverse DNS lookup is made for an IPv6 address, the whole IP must be specified in the PTR record, with each number or letter separated by a dot.

When a domain name has a valid Reverse DNS, it can also be accessed by just using the IP address - if you type ".49" in your browser, you will be directed to

Why would you need a Reverse DNS set up for your DNS server?You can also divide your DNS in to one or more zone to store name and address of computers or Web applications.A zone on DNS is an authoritative source for information about each entry in that zone.It may be either your host or yourself, if the host has delegated the Reverse DNS for your IP space (containing one or multiple IP addresses) to you.A PTR record usually represents the IP entered backwards, followed by an entry.The 2 important zones are Forward lookup Zone and Reverse lookup Zone.

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