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Flame Introductions has been one of the matchmaking agencies for eight series of Channel 4's ' The Undateables' and we are now being labelled ' The Love Doctors'!

However she’d be waiting for him at base camp, keeping the tent warm [2]. Always be yourself, after all everyone else is taken.

Shannon Murray, a wheelchair user and model, is a fervent believer in honesty from the start.

After a few unsettling experiences Tim decided to be straight from the start and believes now that’s the only way to go.

He partly blames the majority of online dating sites for the dilemma disabled people face.

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There was not enough room in the car for five female backsides plus dog and besides, it would have been too noisy for her. I can manage short distances without one, and knew my awesome best friend would present a willing arm when needed.

I was so looking forward to this get together, although I knew they’d be expecting some funny stories about my new adventures in Internet dating. After all as well as being disabled I was also middle aged and, to be honest, kind of regretting joining.

My favourite story comes from Murray, a 30- year -old cerebral palsy sufferer.

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