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The explosive political tracks are broken up by some of the most markedly adult and vulnerable topics Whibley's ever explored, including his marriage and relationship to his absent father.

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might be a perfect snapshot of the head of a 39-year-old rock star, grappling with the Trump age, but the unruly directness and almost innocent clarity of that picture shows Sum 41 is still the band we fell in love with in our cousin's game room.

You've said that "the last thing you wanted to do was write a protest record." Why was that?

After the first record, we started doing our own thing.

It's gotten into darker, heavier music and lyrics since then.

" I thought, "It's not very heavy, the rest of record is on the heavy side," and he was like, "This is one of the heaviest songs you've ever written, just in a completely different way." You're calling this your most aggressive album ever.

There's this idea that punks grow up and calm down.

The songs are occasionally time-stamped to Trump, like on "45 (A Matter of Time)" and "The People Vs…" but the collection builds on the gruesome imagery and condemnations of chaos and deceit, that can be found on Sum 41's Bush-era work.

The band pairs them with a bigger, brasher, angrier sound than ever, translating their fear and rage directly into the volume, as well as cinematic, dystopic storytelling.

Lyrics are not always obvious, so sometimes it's our own fault that people just glossed over it and assumed we didn't have anything to say.

Even when you tell them you're saying something, they don't hear it.

Though they'll always be associated with the juvenilia of their breakout, it's actually been a long time since Sum 41 sounded or acted like those knuckleheads falling off a high dive.

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