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A CT scan looks inside the body to check the child’s brain for any signs of injury.

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Medicine can be given to treat the symptoms, such as nausea and pain.

Surgery may be needed for a serious fracture if the bones have moved or if there are any fragments.

These depressed fractures heal well and smooth out with time, without elevation.

Seizure medications are recommended if the chance of developing seizures is higher than 20%.

A skull fracture is caused by an injury or trauma to the head.

A child may have fallen from a height, such as in a playground, and hit their head.

Frontal bone fractures were more likely to necessitate repair, and those patients treated for traumatic brain injury had a greater incidence of 2 or 3 bones involved in the fracture.

Most of the complications that occurred were related to the underlying trauma, not the surgery.

Infants with simple linear fractures should be admitted for overnight observation regardless of neurological status.

Neurologically intact patients with linear basilar fractures also are treated conservatively, without antibiotics.

It can take months for a skull fracture to heal, but the younger the child is, the faster it will heal.

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