Delphi xe2 options project updating

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Hopefully in Delphi XE3 they will retrofitting the SSE2 codegen into the 32bit compiler, but ad interim it should quell all the critics about “we don’t need no 64bit”, well, if you do any significant floating-point maths, Delphi XE2 64bit is a must!

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Since DUnit X depends on Delphi-Mocks for it's own unit tests, I also added a repository in Continua CI for it.

Notice that I have the "Fetch Other Remote Refs" option check, this allows Continua CI to see Git Hub Pull Requests (I will expand on this in a future post).

The default rules will create a folder called Source, and a folder for each repository under the Source folder.

That's fine for this example so we'll stick with that.) which basically deactivated Win64 optimizations as defined through the project options.Kenji Matumoto pointed the issue, and this is an updated article where I used in the code to “force” optimizations.The outcome is a *much* prettier picture, I’m happy to say!Reservations from the initial articles are gone, good job Embarcadero!With XE2 now officially out, it’s time for a first look at Delphi XE2 compiler floating point performance (see previous episode).

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