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I caught this show on HBO recently and am surprised it was done in 2000 and not picked up for a series.This wonderful, tightly shot show has lots of the powerful technique of plot convolution we now see so routinely on CSI.Really was not sure how that would sustain in a longer series but for a one time TV movie, it was quite hilarious.

Below you can review the last three years worth of investigative works, a total of more than 600 books.

If you know of an investigative/explanatory book written by an American journalist published last year for public sale and don’t see it listed, please contact Steve Weinberg, [email protected]

A new appointee suddenly finds himself the center of attention as his other eight justices have split their votes down the middle on a case involving a woman who is charged with murder ... team has ever won a World Cup title, this story is about the family traditions and passions which shaped the lives of the players who made up this team of underdogs.

See full summary » Based on a true story, this film tells the tale of the 1950 U. soccer team, who, against all odds, beat England 1 - 0 in the city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Recovering alcoholic, ex-LAPD, private detective Fritz Brown, is hired by caddie "Fat Dog" to follow his kid sister, who is holed up with an old sugar daddy.

painting materials and processes and their significance in formation of pictorial metaphor.

Molecular Endocrinology, Biochemical Endocrinology, Molecular mechanisms, Developmental Biology, Mammary Carcinogenesis, breast cancer; molecular mechanisms of prolactin action and its regulation of growth and differentiation Marine Science; Ecological Genetics, Physiological Ecology of Marine Invertebrates; Marine Speciation and the Maintenance of Hybrid Zones; Ecological Response to Climate Change; Population Connectivity; evolutionary, genetic, and physiological properties of diverging populations; marine invertebrates; marine musselsmarine science; microbiology; genetics; molecular microbial ecology; population and community dynamics of microorganisms; diazotrophic bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, and acetogenic bacteria ; microbial diversity; ecological function; pathogenesis Cell Biology; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Invertebrate Biology; Cancer Biology; Regulation of Protein Kinase PKR; Stress signaling and apoptosis; Molecular pathways leading to neuromuscular disorder dystonia; Aging and Longevity Microbiology; Plant Biology; Marine ecology, Benthic microbial processes, Phytoplankton ecology; Local estuarine, riverine, and intertidal habitats; Estuarine and Coastal Studies; marine ecosystems; microalgae; ecosystem functions Icthyology; Population Genetics; levels of genetic diversity within/among populations of rare, threatened or endangered freshwater fish, marine elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays), loggerhead sea turtles; how ancient drainage relationships have impacted the evolutionary history of their component ichthyofauna Cell and Developmental Biology; Cell Biology and Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Cancer Biology; Regulation of expression of the p53 tumor suppressor gene; Role of p53 in infection by HIV-1Neuroscience; Cell and Developmental Biology; Molecular Genetics and Development; Cell Biology and Biochemistry; Mammalian Genetics; Biochemistry; Molecular Biology and Genetics; Vertebrate Biology; Cancer Biology; Regulators of Cytoplasmic Dynein; Molecular Motors Homologous Recombination in Mammalian Cells; Molecular Genetics; Gene Targeting; DNA Repair; Vertebrate Biology; Cancer; how similar two chromosomal sequences must be in order to be recombined; how cells repair breaks in chromosomes; Mutation Biogeography; population dynamics; predator-prey and competitive interactions; conservation genetics; Population, community ecology; climate change; field, remote sensing, modeling and forecasting studies of the mechanisms responsible for setting the geographic limits of intertidal barnacles, mussels, and infauna; field and laboratory studies of the subsurface activities of infaunal worms and clams, and their effects on porewater geochemistry, nutrient cycling, and bacterial populationsexotic physics beyond the standard model of particle physics; Lorentz symmetry breaking; astrophysical tests of relativity; limits; Lorentz invariance violation (LIV); synchrotron and inverse Compton sources; pulsar timing Computational Biology; Mathematical Modeling of Cancer Stem Cells; Mechanisms of Specificity and Fidelity in Signal Transduction; Regulation of Spatially Localized Scaffold Proteins in MAPK Cascades; Morphogen Gradient Formation in Developmental Biology; Numerical Partial Differential Equations; Front Tracking Methods; Implicit Integration Factor; ETD Method; Adaptive Mesh Refinement; Scientific Computing; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Computational Analysis of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability; Numerical Studies of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Bimetallic Complexes for Applications in Catalysis; Studies of the synthesis, structures, and catalytic properties of unsaturated bimetallic clusters and nanoparticles for hydrogen activation and selective oxidation reactions Analytical chemistry, fiber-optic chemical sensors and remote spectroscopy; Optical spectroscopic techniques for environmental and process-chemical measurement problems; Nanotechnology; development of in situ characterization techniques including fiber-optic chemical sensors and remote spectroscopy including Raman, LIBS and REMPI; applying optical spectroscopy to remote measurements in extreme environments and development of fieldable spectroscopic instrumentation; deep-ocean applications of LIBS, and standoff Raman spectroscopy for measuring hazardous materials and for planetary applications Developing new multidimensional methods to study the molecular dynamics of complex materials; polymers, ionic liquids, semiconducting nanoparticles and biomolecules; ultrafast laser spectroscopy; computer programing, numerical analysis and statistics, electronics, optics, and mechanical design; Energy Pathways in Nanostructures; Peptide Dynamics; Glass Dynamics Physical Chemistry; Reactions at surfaces; Reaction Mechanisms; Scanning probe microscopy; Chemical analysis and characterization of surfaces; Chemistry of metal nanoparticles; Catalysis; surface chemistry on the atomic and molecular level Environmental chemistry; fate and transport of organic chemicals in the environment; water chemistry; photochemically driven oxidation; photocatalysis; trace organic analysis; combinatorial chemistry; free radical chemistry Quantum effects in dynamics of nuclei, development of approximate quantum trajectory dynamics method scalable to large molecular systems, incorporation of the zero-point energy, quantum tunneling, quantum effects in reactive dynamics Analytical chemistry; forensic and environmental analysis using chromatography and mass spectrometry; trace evidence analysis of textile fibers and polymers; rapid spectroscopic visualization of biological stains; analytical pyrolysis; chemometrics; chemical biology of enzymes involved in pharmaceutical biosynthesis and bioenergy production; sample preparation and rapid analysis for diverse biological and environmental samples Girls' delinquency and programming, gender and racial inequalities in the juvenile justice system, feminist theory, intersections of race, class, and gender, juvenile justice system processing, prisoner reentry Global children, youth, family welfare; Help-seeking behaviors of Vietnamese people and help systems in Vietnam; Buddhist approach to mental health treatment; International social work; how discourses can empower, disempower, stigmatize, mobilize or silence people’s thoughts and behaviors; international Physical Chemistry; Quantum Chemistry; Electronic properties of nanostructures; Hyperfine Interactions; Use of linear operators to describe electron correlation effects in molecules; geminal theory; Semiclassical Dynamics Based on Quantum Trajectories; Correlation Operator Approach Childhood obesity prevention ranging from exploring children’s physical activity levels in afterschool programs and summer day camps to investigating differences in children’s obesogenic behaviors during summer versus school time.Trace Element Geochemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Techniques development for trace elements of both anthropogenic and natural origin in the environment; Geochemical cycling of trace elements in the environment; Marine Science; Free Drifting Icebergs Organic chemistry, supramolecular, physical organic, and polymer chemistries; designing small molecules and polymers for 1) measuring weak non-covalent interactions, 2) sensors and sensor arrays, and 3) molecular devices; manipulating shape on the molecular-level Organic polymer synthesis, controlled/living radical polymerization, renewable biobased polymers from natural resources, antimicrobial polymers, metal-containing polymers, macromolecular self-assemby, polymer nanotechnolgy, clean energy; synthesis of innovative polymeric materials, including both renewable biobased polymers, nanostructured polymers and metal-containing polymers Organic chemistry, bionanoparticles (BNPs); Materials development; Cell-recognition; Protein imaging and recognition; Creating three-dimensional programmable scaffolds that mimic the native extracellular matrices and can be used to probe the cellular activities; Genetic and chemical modification of selected BNPs; Controlled assembly of BNPs; Cell behavior modulated by BNPs assemblies; Fluorogenic reactions for bioconjugation and bioimaging Inorganic materials chemistry; synthesis of novel solid state materials and characterization of their physical properties; investigation of cooperative structure-property relationships; crystal growth of low-dimensional oxides and investigation of their electronic and magnetic properties; synthesis of organic/inorganic framework materials; synthesis of polymer nanocomposites Policing, research methods, crime mapping and analysis, applied quantitative methods, use of force, violence against police, less-lethal technologies, foot pursuits, training, public perceptions of police, energy weapon impact on officer and suspects American Cinema; Film and Media Theory and Criticism; Film Genre; Gender Studies; Critical Race Studies; Histories and theories of moving image culture; Popular cultural formations of identity; gender; race; nation; and region Contemporary Immigrant Literature in America, American Fiction After 1945 (special interest in Pynchon, De Lillo, Richard Powers, Gloria Naylor, Chang-rae Lee); Modern British and American Literature; Contemporary Immigrant Literature in America; American writing; British literature; modernism; post-modernism; American literature; American literary realism and naturalism; American women writers; Civil War to World War I; popular culture; Sentimentalism; teaching literature in college; stories of suffering; American Bestsellers; controversial women writers; medicine and literature; Theory of language change; Historical syntax; Historical phonology; Indo-European linguistics, culture, religion, and prehistory; Old and Middle Irish syntax; Contemporary English grammar; development of infinitival subordination early Irish; Africa; Asian Studies; Jewish Studies; Linguistics; Linguistic theory; Syntax; Semantics; Linguistic theory of the syntactic variety; syntax of Japanese, including studies of causatives, potentials, passives, and light verb constructions; syntax of various African languages; syntactic theory; mathematical methods in linguistics; language conflict & rights; history and methodology of linguistics; Film and Media Studies; Performance Studies; Speech Communication; How the body in popular visual representation ( performance, advertising, web pages) reproduces and alters/displaces discourses deployed to control the body's meaning (e.g.They are another great starting point to see what kind of research is going on in your field of interest.Below are some examples: Racialization and socialization processes; identity formation; cultural construction of race and gender; women’s organizations; international migration; African American culture, color, and colorism; Black ethnic groups in the United States; African American – Latino relations; and African Diaspora communities; Dominican Republic, United States, Brazil, African Diaspora, Latin America, Hispanic Caribbean Multicultural Art Education; The continent of Africa, examining stereotypes and misconceptions; ethnographic methods and photography to document African-American camp meeting traditions in both North and South Carolina; curriculum taught by art educators Art History; history of Pop art; contemporary art, American art of the 1950s and 1960s; meanings of art in context: socio-economic, artistic, biographic, 19th century European art, French painting, 13 Views of Manet's Bar, abstract expressionism, Clement Greenberg, Robert Motherwell, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol Walker Institute; International; Media Arts; film and video production; documentary; social/cultural landscapes, the representation of history, and the use of orphan films experimental media; Moving Image; Principles of Production: Theory & Practice; transnational cotton; global workers; the link between production and consumption; representation of disability Studio Art; creating biographical testimonies within artwork; historical propaganda within fashion photography, cultivating a contemporary pop body image through consumerism; social roles of women, shifts in women's status, issues of Vogue magazine, 1980-2000Paintings describing personal history and experience in context of western mythologies, painting history and contemporary popular culture.1400-1700); history of frontiers, religion, families and folklore; Western civilization; magic and witchcraft; family history; ritual; modern European historiography; ghosts; Biomedical History; History of Life Sciences and Medicine; History of Computing; U. S., Women and African Americans; social and political experiences of African Americans during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, region and race; international activism and transnational transformation of Madie Hall Xuma; Walker Institute; International; Japan; East Asia; Asia; Japan and East Asian history; labor and business history; Japan's national railroad; structure and operation of state owned firms; influence of state owned firms on private companies; railroad health care programs; systems for disability and retirement benefits; Japanese ‘welfare capitalism’; World War II in the Pacific; Walker Institute; International; Germany; Europe; Modern Germany; environmental history; the urban experience in modern Europe; urban history; Nazi social history; relationship between nature conservation, landscape planning, and national identity in German history; history of anti-Semitic imagery in early 20th-century German nature conservation and homeland protection movements; Jewish Studies Film Studies; Media Studies; 20th-century British Military; Cinema and British Society; Military history and modern European history; war and society; Film studies; twin battles of Kapyong and the Imjin during the Korean War; British POW experience in the Korean war; British Army as a primary subject in British television; RAF Bomber Command in British feature films and on television; evolution of warfare; twentieth century Europe; Allied aircrew experience in WWII;20th-Century American History; cultural and intellectual history; construction of racial identity; the politics of racial representation; Film Studies; Media Studies; racial policy; state-sponsored cultural programs as a form of race policy; Sophie Tucker The Old South, slavery, sensory history (a vibrant area of historical inquiry dedicated to examining the roles played by olfaction, hearing, touch, and taste (as well as vision) in shaping the past); reconstruction; history of mixed martial arts; southern studies; American Social and Environmental History; Historic Preservation; Public History; African American heritage preservation; issues of race and space; historical memory and the problematic past; Historic secrets and controversial history Post-colonial Literature; post-colonial Theory; Cultural Studies; Film Studies; Gender Studies; African Studies; Comparative Literature; Media Studies; Islamic World Studies; Islamic Studies; French and Francophone literature and film; Translation Studies Composition, The British Literature Survey, The English Renaissance, Shakespeare, and Women's Literature; English early modern period; drama and cultural theories; women’s speech in dramatic and non-dramatic texts of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Germanic linguistics, German, English, Scandinavian, Dutch, Frisian, Gothic, Runes, Dialectology, English, Frisian, Historical phonology, Etymology, Comparative German linguistics; History of linguistics, Medieval Germanic literature; language typology; comparative study of sound change, word forms, and word origins Walker Institute; International; literature; fine arts; aestheticism; space and identity; history of sexuality; culture of the fin de siècle; literary and cultural interactions between Germany and Britain, Comparative Literature European Studies; Walker Institute; International; Germany; Europe; German identity formation; Richard Wagner; Goethe; Georg Lukacs; Culture & Civilization; Enlightenment & Romanticism; Music; Opera; Comparative Literature; Film Studies; Media Studies; 18th - 21st centuries Russian and Eurasian Studies Program; Sabbatical 2017-2018; Walker Institute; International; Russia; Russian regionalism; concepts of stylization; interactions of folklore and literature, Comparative Literature; nineteenth- and twentieth-century authors Spanish-American Modernismo; Caribbean from colonial times to the present; critical anthropology; postcolonial theory; postmodern historiography; cultural studies; Latin America; blacks and indigenous people in the Americas perception Walker Institute; International; Medieval Spain; Spain; Spanish; Early Modern Literature and the Representation of Subjectivity; Ideologies and Literatures, Comparative Literature; changing signification of Spanish Literary studies and cultural works within a global context; Latin American Studies; Cervantes; Don Quijote Latin American Studies; Latin America; Hispanic linguistics; phonological theory; historical linguistics; dialectology; language variation and change; Hispanic sociolinguistics; language acquisition; Spanish language, composition, stylistics and culture; Structure, sound; history and dialects of Spanish; Spanish in a socio-historic-cultural context; Spanish in the US; Spanish as a world languageneuroscience; how synaptic transmission between excitatory and inhibitory nerve cells in the brain is modified as a result of experience; neurons in the limbic system; changes in synaptic transmission in hippocampus in temporal lobe epilepsy; defining alterations in dopamine receptor modulation of synaptic transmission in temporal lobe epilepsy; inhibitory synaptic transmission in epilepsy; Glutamate receptors in epileptogenesis; Functional properties of GABAA and glutamate receptors; Anxiety-related changes in seizure disorders; Novel GABAA receptor modulators Mathematics; Functional analysis; Probability and Geometry of Banach spaces; Convex geometry; finite-dimensional normal spaces; Special Banach lattices and other classical spaces; Fixed Point theory; Martingale theorymathematical chemistry, molecular quantum mechanics, molecular geometry, molecular dynamics; protein dynamics and folding, statistical mechanics; mathematical cellular biology, systems biology; initial value problems for partial differential equations governing the evolution of nonlinear waves, asymptotic behavior of solutions, solutions with special symmetry, completely integrable equations, solutions Mathematics; Number Theory, including Analytic Classical Algebraic, Combinatorial, Computational, Elementary, and Transcedence topics; lattice points close to a curve, distribution of special sequences of integers in short intervals; irreducibility of polynomials over the rationals; applications of Pade approximations to Number Theory; the irreducibility of polynomials over the rationals; computations with sparse or lacunary polynomials; covering systems of the integersinformation networks; probabilistic methods; spectral graph theory; random graphs; extremal problems on hypergraphs and posets; algorithms; graph theory; ramsey type problems; lie groups and differential geometry Algebra; logic; discrete mathematics; finite axiomatizability of equational classes of algebras; structural properties of the lattices of equational theories; effective computability in algebraic and combinatorial structures; computer science Mathematical Modeling; Ordinary Differential Equations; Partial Differential Equations; Numerical Analysis; Scientific and Parallel Computation; Computer Algebra; Interface Problems; Mathematical Biology; Computational Number Theory Ecological modeling, particularly in spatial aspects of animal behavior; Mathematical Biology; Commutative Algebra; Hilbert functions; homological techniques to investigate relationships between betti numbers and Hilbert functions Topology; Mathematics; Point-set topology; covering and base properties of regular spaces; structure theory of locally compact spaces; application of special axioms from set theory; Axioms; Boolean algebras and functional analysis Mathematics; Approximation Theory; Harmonic analysis; Numerical methods; Function spaces; Nonlinear approximation from rational functions, splines, frames, ridge functions and more general dictionaries; approximation by ridge functions and neural networks; image processing; Spaces of distributions such as Hardy, Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in nonclassical, anisotropic and geometric settings; Construction of bases and frames (needlets) for Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in nonclassical and geometric settings; Applications of spherical needlets to approximation and fast evaluation of bandlimited functions on the sphere Mathematics; Functional Analysis; Operator Theory; linear integral operators on Banach function spaces; Banach lattices; spectral properties and compactness properties of special classes of operators; positive operators and C0-semigroups of positive operators on Banach lattices Mathematics; Graph theory; Combinatorics and its applications; discrete geometry; graphs drawn on surfaces; reconstruction of phylogenetic trees from genetic sequences; Combinatorial geometry; Graph drawing; Phylogeny reconstruction; Discrete probability; Design and analysis of algorithms; Combinatorial optimization; Extremal problems (graphs and set systems); Network science Mathematics; Approximations of functions in one variable and multivariable cases (approximations by polynomials, n-widths, optimal cubature formulas); Integral operators (estimates of singular numbers, approximation numbers, bilinear approximation of kernels of these operators)Mathematics; Analytic Number Theory and Approximation Theory; use of finite differences to determine information about lattice points close to a curve or surface; application of results to gap problems in Number Theory Pragmatics; Semantics/pragmatics interface; presupposition and conversational implicature; Theories of verbal communication; Experimental pragmatics; Philosophy of mind; Epistemology; Indexicals; context-shifting; Generalized conversational implicatures; default reasoning; scalar implicatures; anaphor resolution; cognitive psychological models of human natural language production and understanding; relevance theory Pragmatism; American philosophy; Logic; Pragmatist views of human origins; Conversational pragmatics based on pragmatist notions of relevance and utility; cognitive science; Pictures and proofs; Euclidean geometry as a labeled deduction system; Analytic philosophy through a pragmatist lens; Ecological conceptions of mind based on pragmatist notions of experience; Conversational pragmatics based on pragmatist notions of relevance and utility; Human origins, drawing especially on the evolutionary perspective of pragmatist social psychology.

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