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Daytime Dating Table of Contents: The first of what I suspect to be a long line of daytime dating products is here with Jeremy Soul of Love Systems’s European operations.

Jeremy Soul is widely recognized as the foremost authority on meeting and attracting women during the daytime, aka Day Game.

He is the creator of the Love Systems Day Game Workshop, the author of the forthcoming book , and is one of the most respected and admired Dating Coaches in the world.

Through his thousands of approaches, phone numbers and dates in places such as busy sidewalks, the shopping mall, the grocery store, the airport, the gym or even on the subway, Jeremy has broken down his system and shares the wealth of knowledge and experience that he has gained through the years.

Inside, you will find: – What is the best way to approach a woman during the day? – How do I go about setting up a date/meeting up later? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can only meet women during the night time!

Jeremy has developed a proprietary system that expands upon the Love Systems Triad to encompass the most effective techniques for attracting women in daytime environments.

His system is based on honesty, intrigue and boldness.

The most value I got from the e-book came down to the 2nd part of it, where Jeremy compared daytime game to other types of game and how calibration works depending on the venue.

For example, here is a small passage on how “qualifying” the girl is different during the day: Overall, I liked the conversational mapping skills and also the day bridging and instant date techniques that further add tools to a player’s day game skill set.

Jeremy’s career history before joining Love Systems as a full-time Dating Coach includes working as a recruitment consultant in the financial services industry, a marketing executive in the jewellery and chemical industries, and an assistant psychologist in mental healthcare.

He has a Bsc in Psychology from University College London, one of the most highly reputed academic institutions in the UK.

Skip to the 2nd half of the e-book if you are already and advanced or intermediate PUA.

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