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In the Christmas Special, we see David call a new lady from the dating service menu and introduce himself as someone from BBC2’s .He is giddy to be recognized, but the woman asks, “You’re not that awful boss?Watching was a painful, necessary rebuke I had to revisit until the sting had been fully absorbed.

He also revealed that he was in a rock band called Foregone Conclusion, and claimed that they were once supported by Texas. However, as cringe worthy and insulting as his attitudes and faux pas can be, the insults are rarely intended maliciously; they are frequently the result of extreme naivety and self-delusion and they are spoken in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is usually compounded by clumsy attempts at retractions, after realizing his insulting remarks.

His 'material', however, is invariably unoriginal and badly executed, consisting almost entirely of poor impressions and banal routines recycled from British comedy shows such as Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnies and Harry Enfield and Chums.

He also boasts frequently about the amount of alcohol he consumes, believing this will gain him respect. Brent has a tendency to promote himself as an intelligent and politically correct man, but often demonstrates an unwittingly offensive attitude towards ethnic minorities, disabled people and women.

Much of the comedy of the series centres on Brent's many idiosyncrasies, hypocrisies, self-delusions and overt self-promotion.

David Brent is the type of boss who wants to be a friend and mentor to those who work for him.

” off on Neil Godwin, the only other male boss from the series.

Instead, he hesitates a beat and unconvincingly answers, “No.” Telling the lie throws him off, he can’t concentrate and he fumbles the interview.

David Brent is a character in the BBC television mockumentary The Office, portrayed by the show's co-creator, co-writer and co-director Ricky Gervais.

Brent is a white-collar office middle-manager and the principal character of the series; he is the general manager of the Slough branch of Wernham-Hogg paper merchants and the boss to most other characters in the series.

Similarly, the problem with David Brent might not be that he’s loathsome, but that he says whatever he’s thinking. David expects the claim “Women are as filthy as men” will quell potential outrage that he has singled men out for their vulgarity— but David is a good egalitarian, because egalitarianism is the manner grade boy doing Hamlet in a middle school play, although he imagines everyone is impressed with his sophistication and gentility.

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