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Transformation of the reception areas The entrance, the ticket area, tearoom and museum shop are being refurbished with the support of Bank Giro Loterij.

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The 18th-century palace of Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel, a direct ancestor of the Dutch king, stirs the imagination the most. Transformation presentation top collection As the national ceramics museum of the Netherlands, the Princessehof has exceptional collections of Asian and European ceramics.

Especially the Chinese porcelain is famous: the Ming collection is among the best in Europe, the Kraak porcelain collection is one of the most important in the world, and the Princessehof’s collection of Zhangzhou porcelain is unmatched anywhere.

The Princessehof will unveil the new setup of the permanent collection, a large exhibition of contemporary ceramic installations from East and West, and two exhibitions with new works by artist Johan Tahon and designer Floris Wubben.

Now in the Princessehof Although the permanent collection on the first floor will not be viewable until the end of the summer, these exhibitions are: .

The museum recommends checking the website before coming by. The museum building also includes a 16th-century estate (), a 19th-century wine warehouse, the 17th-century horse-riding academy, the Stadhouderlijke Rijschool, and the building at 9 Grote Kerkstraat, which now houses the museum shop and the educational space.

Metamorphosis of a monument The Princessehof is housed in a number of interlinked national monuments. The Princessehof is a true maze of halls, rooms, stairwells and attics that all have very diverse backgrounds when it comes to dating, style and function. Making the original architecture visible showcases the unique character of each of the five buildings.

The tearoom will be located behind the shop, with doors opening onto the garden with a terrace.

The new garden design is based on historical documents and will be the last to be implemented.

In addition, the entrance, the shop, the ticket area, the tearoom and the garden are being completely revamped.

The Sexy Ceramics exhibition on the ground floor and the contemporary ceramics and design exhibition on the second floor will stay open for as long as possible.

After the reopening, the museum will be much more accessible, and the museum shop and tearoom will be independent and can be visited without an admission ticket.

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