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The new documentary The Dating Project from MPower Pictures, and Catholic and Christian production companies Paulist Productions, Family Theater Productions, and Pure Flix Entertainment, explores these common pitfalls. Typically, if I want to learn something factual on a subject, I’m all for a little research and reading.

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How do we set shared expectations about what this is and isn't?

The Dating Project follows a diverse set of single people, ages 18-40, as they search for authentic relationships in an age of swiping left or right.

Half of America is single yet we don't have a shared social script for how to find someone.

Along with stories of singles around the country who are embarking on a dating journey, features Kerry Cronin, a professor at Boston College whose dating assignment for a capstone class has garnered national media attention.

Although the environment is very pristine, the area is subject to flooding and extreme climatic conditions.

“It is very important to determine how fast the rocks are eroding, that is quantifying the actual rates of landscape evolution over 50,000 years,” said Gleadow.The sites are so remote that access is usually by helicopter.“However, the concerted application of four different dating technologies to study rock art shelter evolution and associated rock art materials is now making strong progress to provide bracketing ages, a minimum and a maximum, for the associated rock art,” he said.“Although the picture of the timeline is still rather fuzzy, there has been significant progress in some areas,” said Gleadow.He described increased knowledge on the evolution of landscape and surface processes where the rock art is found, an understanding of how the shelters were created and why they survived, an identification of mineral accretion systems, the development of appropriate non-invasive sampling protocols, the application of new dating methods, particularly microgram radiocarbon and demonstration of closed system uranium-series behaviour and the accumulation of very large data sets is leading to exciting breakthroughs.Chair of the Kimberley Foundation Australia and distinguished philanthropist Maria Myers accompanied Prof Gleadow on his visit to ANSTO.

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