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Check USB Removable, Enable Disk Format and Enable File Copy. The next window will show you the destination drive details.

Hello Guys, I had intended to wait to start this thread until after the first of the year, but what the hell. I've been in a bit of a movie watching slump lately and I'm hoping that starting this thread might prompt me to watch more films.

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What is mentioned in that article is “How to be a BAD BOSS”.

While i do want to write about the BAD BOSS, for this article i want to restrict the scope to few experiences that made one of my friend to quit his organization.

The BOSS is an authoritative machine and wants to know each and everything that team-members do.

Following are some of the questions that BOSS asks all the team members…

Click “Start” and answer the following two questions “Continue? Depending on the write speed of your USB Flash drive it may take a while to copy all Win PE files. This may also take a while because the file size is 2.53GB. There will be one last question “Proceed with disk restore? This guide should only be used for the ASUS Eee PC 1000H with Windows XP and cannot be extended to other models because of the different storage solutions ( one or two SSDs, one HDD).

Finally browse to the Source Path of the Win PE files, in this example located at D:\WINPE. GHO from the “Recovery” folder on the 1000H XP Support DVD into the root directory of the USB Flash Drive. Here you can change the partition layout or just click “OK” to keep the default settings. After the restore process is finished, you have to reboot the Eee PC.

This step is very important to start Ghost automatically after booting into the Windows Preinstallation Environment from the USB Flash Drive.

After booting from USB Flash Drive, Win PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) should start and finally Symantec Ghost.

Press “ESC” at the boot screen and you will be able to select the USB Flash Drive as your boot device from the boot menu.

If everything goes well, the message “Operation Completed Successfully! Connect the USB Flash Drive to your Eee PC and turn on the Eee. The name(s) of the image file(s) in the “Recovery” folder on the Support DVD are also different.

Some times Good Friend feels that the BOSS nay be feeling that he is in a race with him (Boss).

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