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Chip shows an interest in Pudge but says he can't dance, and when Buzz asks Carson to dance, she tells him to dance with Pudge instead.

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The trip is spurred by the upcoming marriage of Carson to Harley, the son of a prominent tobacco farmer.

On the main strip in Myrtle Beach, their paths cross Buzz and Chip, locals who are cruising around looking for girls.

Bob takes her to a local makeout place, where Nadine and Suette attack his car with shaving cream and drag Melaina out of the car, covering her in the cream, facial tissue and pouring liquor down her throat.

Luanne finds Melaina lying on the ground reciting Bible verses and takes her back to the house to clean up, where Melaina tells her she's entering the beauty contest.

At the car-hop, Buzz begins to flirt with Carson, not caring that she's engaged and she finds herself drawn to him.

Pudge asks Chip to let her teach him the shag, and he grudgingly relents.

Buzz tells Carson that he doesn't believe she will marry Harley and forces her to confront her beliefs and rules she's set for herself.

The girls later come together to see Melaina enter the contest but instead of using her dance routine and wearing a bikini, she has let Luanne influence her into being a more modest contestant, and she loses to Suette, who wins doing a dance routine in a bikini.

Luanne and Harley, along with Buzz and Carson, who snuck back from the yacht, follow Pudge and Melaina to the pavilion in time to see Pudge and Chip enter the contest.

Once they all see Luanne's parents, she says she will lie to them about the weekend and Carson berates her for not telling the truth.

They stay at the second home of Luanne's parents, but are forbidden to sit on the furniture, drink the liquor, or make phone calls, as the trip is a secret.

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