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This shows a lack of confidence with women and immediately destroys any attraction with women.The second mistake comes from guys who leer and give a hard, intense stare that makes the guy look creepy.

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Show women – and everyone else – that you’re a fun, positive guy who enjoys his life.

When women see you enjoying yourself it makes you more attractive to women as they will want to join in on the fun, too.

(For more on how to banter and start light, friendly conversations with women and people you just met, check out the Art of Charm podcasts on how to banter) How to get women to approach you Women are going to be more open to having a conversation with you if they view you as a warm, friendly guy.

To give off that impression and get women interested in you, all you have to do is smile.

Throw on a wrinkle-free shirt button-up shirt that fits – an accessory or two that is unique to you and stands out – and you’ll have an outfit that will definitely get women to notice you in a positive way.

(For more on how to attract women with your appearance check out the Art of Charm Podcast episode with stylist Aaron Marino) How to get a woman interested (by being friendly) A great way to get women to notice you is to be friendly and social with anybody and everybody.Attract women through eye contact When it comes to eye contact with women there are two common mistakes men make that turn women off.The first is men who dart their eyes away the second a girl makes eye contact with them.Start conversations with women, men, staff members, old people – whoever is around. Just throw out some playful banter, a compliment, or simply cheers glasses with people as they walk by.A little bit of interaction can go a long way on making you look like a social, friendly guy that’s attractive to women.(Plus, when you live a life you love, you can’t help but radiate a vibrant excitement that women want to be around.) So live your life doing the things you’re passionate about. How to be more attractive to women (through your attitude) Attitudes are contagious.

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