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The conversation flowed but what’s the point when you live on the other side of the country?

Still, when another trip popped up on my schedule the next month, I reached out to see if he’d be down to grab a drink. I matched with a guy and we actually had a friend in common because he was an American doing graduate studies there.

If you’re transparent with your profile and in your conversations with matches, you can find some really great places to visit and even some new friends.

Editor, 30, Woman Seeking men Location: Los Angeles, California App: Tinder I travel from New York to Los Angeles often for work, usually staying for 48 hours or less.

I asked them all for restaurant and bar recommendations, and more than one person pointed me towards , which upon further investigation is exactly the kind of place a single Irish bro would like. These men certainly weren’t trying to romance me, but I’m grateful that I was able to sample the pub’s famous Ham & Cheese toasties at a place I may have overlooked otherwise.

He had a picture with me in his profile—I’m randomly in the background of the picture, which was taken at a nightclub in New York.

” The good news is that all seven of us wound up pairing off. But luckily, the chemistry was right all around, and when my guy invited everyone up to his roof to drink a few beers, we readily agreed.

My friend and I each had a person from our respective dating apps (she’s a Bumble-r, I’m a Tinder-er) meet up with us on our last night in Mexico City. On the roof, it didn’t take long until the casual, communal small-talk transitioned into separate conversations. gorgeous), I led him over to the balcony and told him to kiss me.

Dublin has a very uneven ratio of single men to single women: 1 to 7.

I really feel for the single, straight Irish ladies.

We walked into a bar and started talking to some attractive locals.

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