Cora is against it because of the high risk but also because she’s afraid that if the surgery is successful, Hunter would no longer rely on her or want to be with her.

It’s an interesting point to make that being in a wheelchair has made him more compassionate and a different person from who he was.

[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for “The Good Doctor” episode “Pain.”] “The Good Doctor” made a point to call out how Freddie Highmore’s character Dr.

Shaun Murphy faces workplace prejudice from the first episode because he is a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome.

Knowing less about the world than I do, they don't devote themselves to saving money or building a family.

I think the ABCs, most of whom are from well-educated families, are pretty naive and carefree just like the white people.

immediately, Kimball initiated a fight by trying to steal Nicole Lopez-Alvar from Estrada, in hopes she'd speak with his friend Clay Harbor. "My dad got a hold of attorneys and we'll see if this is Jordan's fault or ABC but there's going to be consequences."Kimball made his own statements on the argument to magazine on Thursday.

Estrada and Kimball's fight quickly escalated from a verbal altercation to a physical one, and eventually, Kimball was shown slamming Estrada to the ground. In the conversation, he said he only got into a physical fight with Estrada in self-defense."Things happened between Christian and I much quicker than I thought they were going to," he explained. I didn't pop him in the mouth, I didn't go after him, it was over.

He even addresses this point in the clip below: Shaun, who knows that people perceive him as disabled and different, is fascinated by the affection that Cora feels for Hunter.

He’s also surprised when his colleague and friend Dr.

Despite their degrees from renowned universities (I think it's easy for them to have those because SAT is easy), they speak like children.

Basically, i can't have a decent conversation with them.

From the expedition of BBC station to ABC station, James Longman is vocal on vulnerable communities, refuges crisis and terrorism invasion. Once, he confronted proudly that how it is a responsibility of the journalist to shed light on the gay community.

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