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And you can quickly identify which version of Yahoo Mail you are using.

Also, even if you use Yahoo New Mail, your Calendar, Contacts, and Notepad still open in classic Yahoo Mail.

So, when you click one of those buttons, a new tab will open displaying the item in the old mail version.

In Gmail, click Settings Set Theme to view your options.

Pick a photo, upload one of your own, or just use a bit of color.

In Yahoo New Mail, click Settings to see your options.

Then, pick your theme and a Light, Medium, or Dark appearance.

The features listed so far compare what is offered in the enhanced Yahoo Mail called Yahoo New Mail with what currently exists in Gmail as a counterpart feature.

But would it be fair to choose a winner without looking at unchanged features?

Unfortunately, it does not look like you can upload your own photo at this time.

Gmail provides tabs at the top for Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

If losing a specific feature is unacceptable, you can switch back to classic Yahoo Mail: Now that you know the differences between the Yahoo Mail versions, it’s time to get down to business with a comparison between Gmail and Yahoo New Mail.

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