Dating with priviledges

I see this happening often because I help guys to get an ex girlfriend, fiance or wife back.

It’s sad to see because in most cases, the guy is a really good guy, but no-one ever told him that being an alpha male is not a bad thing.

Most guys don’t realize that when a woman masturbates she will think about a confident, masculine man having sex with her.

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In the past, women had to stay with a man for life even if they were unhappy because it was shameful to get a divorce, so they usually just had affairs while they husband was working.

These days, it’s not as shameful to divorce anymore, so unhappy women usually just get a divorce, take half of the guy’s money and try to attract themselves a guy with more alpha male characteristics than their ex.

Not being attractive enough for most women Women are more attracted to alpha males than any other type of male (e.g. Most of the guys who come to me looking for help on how to get an ex back are guys who have either never been an alpha male or who lost touch with their masculinity and became a bit of a wuss, needy guy, clingy guy, etc in the relationship. Feeling nervous or anxious in social situations A real alpha male doesn’t feel nervous or anxious in social situations because he full believes in himself and expects to be liked. His perception of himself is much more important than what others “might” think.

He knows that he is more than good enough for women to like him and for men to respect him. He bases his confidence on how he thinks, not on how others might think.

However, if she is with a lower ranking male who doesn’t make her feel the type of attraction she really wants to feel, she will imagine other men instead.

Women in this position are much more likely to cheat or have an affair when the spark dies out of the relationship.

Instead of putting lots of effort into trying to “get to know her” during a conversation or taking her out to expensive dinners, you can make her want to have sex with you right away by triggering her natural attraction to alpha male traits. Being with a woman who wishes she could be with an alpha male A lower ranking male may be able to get himself a girlfriend or even a wife, but she will always secretly wish that she could be with an alpha male instead.

At the very least, she will fantasize about being with an alpha male when she masturbates.

So, women now choose guys based on sexual attraction.

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