Dating with asian guy

I recall years ago a tall, handsome Asian guy was pursuing me. He constantly talked about his “perceived” shortcomings despite the fact that he was educated and accomplished.

He was genuine, generous and he knew a lot about chivalry. We never got past the “FRIEND ZONE.” In addition to that I am only attracted to black men. I did consider him a friend and I also thought that he was attractive.

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Alright, first let me say that I’m Asian and married twice and both times to white women.

Other than the women I have married, I have also dated plenty of white women before and in between marriages. The simple answer is white women in general “want to” date anyone who is attractive.

Think of it as a way to say "thank you" for the excellent dinner conversation and time he's spent together with you. I feel like this stereotype is in part due to how Asian men are portrayed in today's media.

They rarely—if ever—portray the sexy, masculine protagonist of any movie (with the odd Jackie Chan movie as the only real exception).

The strange thing here is that, in the 19th century, Asian men were often portrayed as the other extreme in pop culture: sexually dangerous and wildly desirable; but this is the extent of Asian masculinity, and the media eventually continued to downplay the accessibility of masculine Asian men.

In fact, I'm not even encouraging they stop doing it this way if that's what a movie or film needs! Asian guys will almost always say "yes" to dessert as a first date venue, if anything simply because bubble tea and waffle crepes are a swoon-worthy treat for his special lady.So if an Asian man presents himself as an attractive male, then the next step is to simply ask a white woman out on a date.Most Asians tend to let their culture or family background get in the way of expanding their dating field of available women, white or otherwise.So they must first get out of their comfort zone and be confident about themselves.However, I must also say that I am certainly not the stereotypical Asian male, who tends to be shorter than average, skinny or borderline scrawny, with goofy hairdos and wearing eyeglasses.I am tall, muscular, and have plenty of facial hair and speak fluent English.

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